Directions not routing through bridge

The directions refuse to navigate over this bridge for a car but I’m not sure why. Could it be that the width of the road is 2 and the car profile is 2m wide so it won’t cross it?

Hi Sam,

What happens if you comment the line “restrictedValues.add(“no”);” part out of the Does it still refuse to route over the bridge?

This is just a test to see if the bridge has a “no pass” tag.

I think @Sam_Ruston refers to our hosted API where we use a width of 2m for car and add a tiny offset of 5cm so that 2m is not passable. Probably we added this offset as the width tag is often not measured (as opposed to a legal limit like maxwidth=2) and just guessed from the mapper. (A legal limit of 2m would be passable as it does not include mirrors etc.)

With some ground truth information you could change this to maxwidth=2. We could also change our car width to a smaller value but it is assumed with mirrors so 2m seems to be reasonable.

Gotcha, thanks! Thought that might be the case. Looking on Street View that bridge is sufficiently large for cars and it even shows small trucks driving across it with a fair amount of room. I’ll report a change on OSM as it seems to be bad OSM data in this case.

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