Directions API – Interpreting Time

“distance”: 2247.271,
“sign”: -2,
“interval”: [
“text”: “Turn left onto Chetla Road”,
“time”: 252792,
“street_name”: “Chetla Road”

This is how my JSON response’s one path’s one instruction looks. This is probably a trivial question but I can’t seem to understand how time works and how it is shown here. What are its units and is it absolute time for the duration spent on that part of the route? Also, while I’m at it, just to confirm, distance is in meters, right?

i’m assuming you did a car or motorcycle request. So you have a distance of 2247m. This distance takes you approx 252s = 4m20s. The number next to sigh says the sign that the webinterface shows for example turn left. In this routing intervall are 52 geo points that are ib chetla road that you can look for if you need more details.

Hope that helps