Direction API integration with Mapbox

I’m trying to integrate Graphhopper Direction api (on the server) with an OSRM based library (as client) Mapbox. The client application is using MapboxDirections.swift to be precise. I was wondering if Graphhopper itself does have any helpful option or functionalities which could be used toward my goal?
If not I would also appreciate sharing any related idea (third-party lib?).
Many thanks.

Could clarify your question?

Do you want to host GraphHopper yourself or use the directions API from your client? We have a swift client that allows you to easily integrate the directions API on the client side.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Robin for the reply.
I have a server already hosting GraphHopper. The ‘swift client’ you mentioned would be more helpful if the client lib of mine was not strictly consuming OSRM routing objects.
Im looking for a helper type of library which could translate (somehow) the GH responses to OSRM standard objects.

Sorry I must have missed you answer here.

AFAIK there is no official solution to do this. You could try to write a wrapper/proxy, but I am not sure if this all needed data could be provided by a wrapper.


We have created a new issue for this: Please let us know if someone needs assistance for a contribution :slight_smile: