Different routes caused by the size of pbf

Hello, I’m using graphhopper to generate a route… I have a pbf based in South America and a cutout of that pbf to run on a simpler server, I cut out the pbf with osmosis, when executing a route located internally from bbox, I have a different route when bbox is X and when bbox is X + 1, even though the route is internal in both.
Could anyone tell me if I can have differences when generating routes due to the size of the pbf?

You should check how osmosis handles OSM ways that are partly located within your bbox, but might intersect with the bbox boundary. Use the ‘Show Routing Graph Layer’ in the maps layer menu to see the graph, maybe some roads are missing.

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how can I do this? sorry for the noob question

I think you can inspect the generated pbf files using JOSM.

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I placed both bboxes in QGIS, in the route area they were embedded, the route in purple is the one with the smaller bbox and the one in blue is the one with the larger bbox

The only thing that would come to my mind regarding the map size would be the landmark selection. But that’s only relevant if you’re using LM based routing. If you didn’t add profiles_lm to your config.yml, it’s not enabled by default.

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I’m using profiles_lm :slight_smile: , could you explain or give me a link about what you believe is causing the difference?

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