Different drive time between two stops when order reversed

We have two addresses that we’re having issues with. Well, we’re probably actually having issues with Florida and these two addresses are just an example of how we get a result that, while the route matches what Google returns, the time between stops is way off which is causing issues for us when sending customers notifications. In Google, if we start from this address: 197 Umbrella Pl, Jupiter, FL 33458 and end at this address: 8096 SE Old Plantation Cir, Jupiter, FL 33458 the estimated drive time is 5 minutes between the stops. When we pull the same data from Graphhopper, while the route is the same, the drive time is 20 minutes. Even stranger, if we reverse the order and start from 8096 SE Old Plantation the drive time increases to 40 minutes. In all cases, Google and GH with either as the starting address, the mapped route is the same. It’s only the times that are off. The route does go over some restricted roads but that doesn’t seem to have any impact on the actual route itself. We’re stumped as to why we’re getting such different time between stop results.

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