Detailed orientation change in instructions


I’m trying to understand how the instructions where produced. I want to return every single changing in direction in every curve of a way to the user within the instructions. This could be interesting for blind or visually impaired users. E.g. with this [1] description a blind user would, in best case, just walk 180m along the path he is currently on.
I haven’t found it in the code right now, but I think this is due to simplification, right? If someone can point me to the right place in the code, so that I can change the instructions to my intended level of detail, I would be really thankful.

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We currently decide to create instructions only when properties of the edges change, this is too simplistic and needs improvement (see the various issues on github). See the code in Path.calcInstructions

The instructions are calculated in Path class.

See from line 552 for the turns calculation.