Deploying via docker

Does anyone have a guide for deploying the map matching software as a docker container?

For background, we automate getting people’s location history from Google / Facebook and we detect trips. Some of the trips don’t have many waypoints and so we have lines going across the ocean (see example image below), etc, and would love to use this map routes back to roads. It is not essential to what we do, but it would be nice since we animate the trips and people can zoom in.

Since we do all the user’s trips (well, 50 longest trips at the moment), it is too expensive to use a paid service, so we need to do it cheaply ourselves. And since it is a nice to have, we need to stand it up quickly. Fallback is to ignore the waypoints and route from start to finish.

If there is guide to setting up via docker for beginners, please let me know. Thanks!

Hi Steven,

Looks like there are some instructions on GraphHopper’s Docker Hub page:

You can use the docker-compose command or run the container using the docker container ...

Hope that helps!

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