Deliveries for an ecommerce startup with no warehouses

Our drives will have to go to multiple storefronts to retrieve packages before going to delivery the client.

I do not know how to go about this.

I need to tell the API that my driver is at a particular position so he goes to the best storefront first. Then i need to tell the API that we need to do the routing for the first n point that are storefronts before making the delivery.

Should i just not include the client address and use the delivery locations only?

I can do that. But how do i tell the system the position of the driver at this instance and have the API take that into consideration.


I’m not quite sure I understand your use case, but can’t you use β€œshipments”?

I will look into it thanks. What about the current location of the driver?

You can enter the current location of the driver in the β€œstart_address” of the vehicle.

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Wonderful, thank you so much Stefan.

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