Custom navigation api

I’m working with sampe application to implement my own navigator.
First of all I see that navigator compoment use this address<> is used by navigoator to show the route.

  1. With this address you only can put 15 points, but I have a method that calculates all the routes, for example 500 poins. Would have the possibility to pass all of points?
  2. That address return a json. What’s the meaning of the geometry field?
  3. What’s the meaning of button Fetch solution of sample application?

I hope extends the navigation functionallity

The SDK currently limits the number of points. The endpoint should be able to handle more points. I am not sure about 500 points though :wink:

Changing the SDK should be possible, but you might need to change point number check at several places. I haven’t tried that yet.

It’s an encoded polyline with a precision of 6 decimal places.

This demonstrates how one can fetch a solution from the Route Optimization Api.

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Ok, just I’ve tested the route optimization api to fetch a solution, so I’ve made a request and have the vehicle and the job id. In “NavigatorLauncherActivity” I’ve setted this variables:
private String currentJobId = “<>”;
private String currentVehicleId = “<>”;

but to fetch solution before need fill this variable:
and tap button: geocoding_search_btn
what’s the meaning of this geocoding? how i can retrieve/fill/generate this point?