Currency of routing data

I added a path alongside The Westoe public house here on 24th December. It displayed in OSM and GraphHopper maps the same day. I have attempted to route via this path as late as this morning. It continues not to do so. It is connected properly at both ends and its attributes, foot=yes and highway=footway, should allow a walking or hiking route to be calculated. I wonder: is GraphHopper routing data updated periodically, only? Or what else might be at issue?

It is usually updated every 24h (usually a lot faster like 12h). Please keep in mind that this still could mean a delay of twice this time when an update is visible. It looks like it is working now (?)

All is well, as you suggest. I must remember to watch the import date in future.
I offer my best wishes for 2018. I shall continue to use GraphHopper for route planning on my PC and navigating in Locus Map Pro on my 'phone as my number one choice.

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Nice to hear this and all the best too!