costMatrixBuilder with Graphhopper data


I’m new to jsprit but have graphhopper up and running in my Java application.
I’m at the point where I would like jsprit to optimize my delivery points based on constraints but I am unsure how to load the time/distance values into jsprit.

I’ve looked through the cost matrix example but don’t know how to load what I have from graphhopper.
Can anyone offer some insight into what I need to do to get the times and distances from graphhopper into jsprit to optimize?


Stefan has answered similar questions regarding this;

Ok, then you do not need to include jsprit in graphhopper, but calculate the travel time matrix with graphhopper and solve the vrp based on this matrix with jsprit.

Within it is built manually;

//define a matrix-builder building a symmetric matrix
        VehicleRoutingTransportCostsMatrix.Builder costMatrixBuilder = VehicleRoutingTransportCostsMatrix.Builder.newInstance(true);
        costMatrixBuilder.addTransportDistance("0", "1", 10.0);
        costMatrixBuilder.addTransportDistance("0", "2", 20.0);
        costMatrixBuilder.addTransportDistance("0", "3", 5.0);
        costMatrixBuilder.addTransportDistance("1", "2", 4.0);
        costMatrixBuilder.addTransportDistance("1", "3", 1.0);
        costMatrixBuilder.addTransportDistance("2", "3", 2.0);

        costMatrixBuilder.addTransportTime("0", "1", 10.0);
        costMatrixBuilder.addTransportTime("0", "2", 20.0);
        costMatrixBuilder.addTransportTime("0", "3", 5.0);
        costMatrixBuilder.addTransportTime("1", "2", 4.0);
        costMatrixBuilder.addTransportTime("1", "3", 1.0);
        costMatrixBuilder.addTransportTime("2", "3", 2.0);

        VehicleRoutingTransportCosts costMatrix =;

How do I go about inputting the graphhopper graph?

GraphHopper graphHopper = new GraphHopper().setGraphHopperLocation(LocationGrapphopperFiles) // "gh-car"
                .setEncodingManager(new EncodingManager("car"))
                .setElevationProvider(new CGIARProvider().setCacheDir(new File("C:/Users/")))