Coordinates of activities in optimization response

Happy to announce that one can now easily access the coordinates of each activity in the optimization response.

An activity defined in the solution is now specified like this:

  "type": "service",
  "id": "frankfurt",
  "location_id": "frankfurt",
  "address": {
    "location_id": "frankfurt",
    "name": "Thomas Mann Straße 24",
    "lat": 50.109,
    "lon": 8.67
  "arr_time": 30991,
  "end_time": 30991,
  "waiting_time": 0,
  "distance": 1001605,
  "driving_time": 30991,
  "load_before": [
  "load_after": [

As you can see, you can also give locations reasonable names like street names. You just need to specify it in the address object like this:

"address": {
       "location_id": "service-location-id",
       "name": "Goethe Street 1",
       "lon": 9.999,
       "lat": 53.552

The next step is to let you easily access the geometry of each route, i.e. you will be able to retrieve the polylines of each route from the optimization response. This feature is coming soon.