Contributing Norwegian No_no (Bokmål)

Hi, my company is going to contribute Norwegian Translations. (I am the one person to contribute, however the translation was done by a collegue) Question: should I really paste it to the column “D” of the google spreadsheet or make room at the column it should arrive in the end ?

Best Olaf

PS : And I really have to apologize for the confusion of the different github accounts I used before.

This is great :blush:

You can insert a new column in alphabetical order, so something after nl or put it at column D (and I’ll move it).

Once this is done let me know or you could also provide a PR where you did the import already (note that the import script needs a tiny modification to include this column).

PS : And I really have to apologize for the confusion of the different github accounts I used before.

no worries :slight_smile:

PR is up

Thanks again. BTW: what is the meaning of bokmål?

Norwegian comprises actually two languages. One of them is Bokmål the other Nynorsk . Head over to Wikipedia for more info.

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Ah, got it. (And I tried to translate it but this was meaningless :smiley: … )

Has the Nynorsk language associated a different ID or how could this be handled?

Checking if I can get someone competent into this thread …

Hey, @OlafFlebbeBosch invited me to discussion. I am a Norwegian.

Nynorsk and Bokmål are two different, but very similar written languages in Norway. Bokmål is the official language. Hence, I would recommend prioritizing bokmål first and not mix the two.

Thanks @Christoffer for joinging in!

I have to admit that I didn’t thought about the consequences of Bokmål vs Nynorsk when I added it as no_NO via Cut&Paste from some template I was given without double checking :

Checking now the internet it looks like to official (java) locales are

There is no no_NO (actually it sounds like a No No ) . Only for compatibility reasons, but that seems to confuse

@Christoffer Seems like this is a very confusing topic for us. Are you familiar with the locale names no_NO nb_NO nn_NO ?

Just found the Java Locales list: They do support no_NO as Bokmål .

So GH would be good to go to support with nn_NO for Nynorsk . Maybe we should copy the message catalog of no_NO over to nb_NO as well ? (as a change to update translations script?

Hey, nb_NO and nn_NO are very common to use, yes. no_NO I have never seen before :wink:

I do not fully grasp what you mean here, but Nynorsk - nn_NO should not be confused with what we have currently translated. My translation is in Bokmål - nb_NO.

Approximately 1/9 Norwegian use Nynorsk, while approximately 8/9 uses Bokmål - just for your reference.

So I guess I should do an followup PR to move the Bokmål message catalog from the no_NO to the nb_NO locale . Sorry about that :confused: . @karussell will prepare that now.

Sorry, I just saw we need to add the locale to
graphhopper/ at 8018bafeb9167d22196320f956f8f9d236619e7d · graphhopper/graphhopper · GitHub here as well ?

Thanks for this - interesting :slight_smile:

I just saw we need to add the locale to

Oh, yes, a change in the TranslationMap is necessary to pick up a new language.

Included in the PR above.
Just noticed that one gets interesting diagnostics when we are missing a placeholder in the translation while running unit tests, fixed this as well.

Nice, thanks! Yes, these checks are important :slight_smile: