Constraint Summary (what constraints were hit, how many times, by what jobs) from ConstraintManager?

Currently when adding a number of constraints, it becomes difficult to determine the reason why a specific job remains unassigned, or assigned to a new vehicle. I would like to add the ability for the ConstraintManager to provide a summary of the constraints per job, and allow the maintenance of the number of times the constraint is hit, this answering for unallocated jobs (any for that matter):

  1. What constraints were hit.
  2. How many times.
  3. By what jobs, shipments, services or activities.

Before embarking on this journey, I have gone through the forums for anything that can lead me in this direction, as well as trawling through the github issues to determine if such a feature exists or if the community is currently solving this problem with another approach.

How are you guys determining which constraints are currently impacting the model the most?

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