Considering elevation to provide better routes

We are using a self hosted Graphhopper for routing in our company and we have come across this edgecase related to bridges/flyover.

In places where there is a flyover as well as a road underneath it and if the start point is on the road under, Graphhopper snaps the point on top of the bridge which we want to avoid.

Correct route
Flyover route

Though there is very little difference in the start position, the point got snapped on the flyover which is understandable since it is using just latitude, longitude.

So I wanted to find out if using elevation can help here but turns it out (as far as my understanding) that GH only returns elevation values for each point in the response but doesn’t consider it in request when routing.

I was thinking that we could provide elevation in the request coordinates too and that it would be take that into account while snapping the points to road. Is that possible in Graphhopper? or any other ways to get over the edgecase mentioned above?

Thanks in advance,

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