Connecting Grasshopper to VtigerCRM?

Hi team,

I have a client who schedules trucks to collect waste from sites around the region and dumps the waste at a central waste station.

Part of the charge for doing this is based on the kilometres run between the site and the dump station.

Has anyone already created a module or is interested in creating a module which can capture the distance from the site to the dumpstation from the address detail in the VtigerCRM application and store it in the mysql db?

Any assistance is appreciated.

Bernard G Bailey

So your problem is to geocode the address for each order, and then to determine the distance between address and central waste station.
The data feed of these orders is to happen automatically - triggered by the CRM, or just on a regular schedule?
It does not involve planning/optimisation of the schedules?
Anyway, I got a client in the waste collection industry for which we perform these functions since many years.


Thanks for responding.

Yes it does look like a match.

The property address sits in the database and when a quotation is created the distance to travel will already be in the database or will be requested during the call. This distance determines the line value in the quotation.

When a new property is added then a workflow could kick off the distance retrieval…

No route planning or optimisation required as yet.

Any chance of a look at it?


Can you share more details on what you connected from and to?

All assistance is much appreciated.


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