Concrete Surface Treated as Other


We’ve come across a problem where “CONCRETE” surface types appear to be treated as “OTHER”, so are not being recognised as a suitable surface for bikes in our custom model.

Here’s an example, where the route follows a cycle path and the surface changes from “Asphalt” to “concrete:plates”:

Route with unexpected detour

Correct route

Is this a known issue or are we doing something wrong here? My understanding from the following page, is that “OTHER” is treated as the worst surface:

Have a look into Way: 1077235613 | OpenStreetMap

This notation xy:ab is not something that we currently consider - I created an issue for it.

Note that “OTHER” is not necessarily the worst surface but just something not in the list.

OK, thanks. For now we might consider allowing “Other” if it is also a bike network, as that should hopefully be fairly safe.

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