Changes to our GraphHopper Directions API in September 2017

Please note that we’ll remove the bus profile on 31.08.2017 and for the motorcycle profile a custom contract is necessary as the infrastructure is done by our partner and means a much better quality for motorcycles. This was announced before in this blog post.

And if you are using the Routing API with instructions, please make sure your API clients can handle also unknown turn signs or use one of the latest version of the official API clients.

How would unknown turn signs appear?
In your client turn signs are described as being anumber, that represents one of these:
SharpLeft = -3,
Left = -2,
SlightLeft = -1,
Straight = 0,
SlightRight = 1,
Right = 2,
SharpRight = 3,
Finish = 4,
ViaReached = 5,
UseRoundabout = 6
So would a new number represent unknown?

I should have clarified this before, thanks for the question :slight_smile: !

When we will introduce new turn signs (like there will be with keep_left or u_turn) then old clients cannot know them, but should be able to handle this. We’ve also implemented a translation for these ‘unknown’ turns and will improve here in the future futher.

The bus and motorcycle profiles are now removed. See above for an alternative to the motorcycle profile.