Changes in elevation file names?

This is basically a follow up of this thread:

After I upgraded to latest version I see that even though I have some zip files in the elevation cache folder the files are downloaded (and the cache is probably not being used, I’m not sure, but this is an educated guess).
What is the naming convention of the files now?
This is how my cache folder looks (this is not new, it has always looked this way since the above question was answered):


The files are downloaded as they are. So if they are downloaded again the do not exist on the disk and are renamed on the server.

It could also be that simply the URL where you fetched the data has changed. We had to change the URL multiple times over the last months and they indeed had different naming conventions. Since kurviger provides us these files we should not have these problems anymore.

I’m not entirely sure what’s happening to be honest. The following is how my elevation-cache folder looks when I import data to the graph:

The dem* file are added but eventually gets deleted and the cache folder looks as follows:

Is this the expected behavior? I would expect to either get other files than the those I have or not to download anything…

We download the zip files and create our own “temporary” “dem” files, yes. The reason for this is to use memory mapping. If you do not want to remove these temporary files, you can put graph.elevation.clear: false in the config.

Do you mean that the “temporay” “dem” files are created from the existing zip files? So the dem files I see that are being added to the folder are basically the same data converted to a format that is better for GH to run with?
So the zip files I have placed in that folder are being used, right?

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