CH and conditional access restrictions

Hello folks! I have a question about maps with enabled CH and conditional access restrictions (date range).

There is a road that is temporary closed for motor_vehicle because of maintenance.

Cars should use long detour whilst bikes can use short one:

Current restriction ends today. What will happen tomorrow with generated maps with enabled CH (suppose maps were generated when restriction was valid)? Will maps consider this road as valid? Should I rebuild maps after restriction is over?

Yes, I think this road will be blocked depending on the time of the import. Take a look at the ConditionalOSMTagInspector class and its usages. So by default it depends on the time you run the import, but you can also set the used date manually using datareader.date_range_parser_day. So maybe just try changing the date to something like next week or so. And yes you need to run a new import / rebuild your map. Feel free to share your results :slight_smile:

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1/ Isn’t it against recommended practice in OSM to map temporary changes? It seems to me that the whole question is moot.

2/ What is meant with “CH”?

@easbar yeap, with specified settings in future I got the map that worked fine without the restriction


  1. we are talking about time-based restrictions with specified start and end dates. So if you forgot to rollback your temporary fix, it won’t be propagated after end date.

  2. CH is Contraction hierarchy, approach to speed-up path finding in graph

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