Car Routing with Cross the River

Hello, I have a problem, that Graphhopper / OpenStreet doesn’t update Ferry route.

For example, my car needs cross the river (red line) using ferry, but GH doesn’t have route for that. How can I custom or add “red line” in the route of GH ??
Any help will be great appreciate.

Hi Patrick

You need to draw the ferryway on OSM, graphhopper consume OSM data to generate its route.


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How can I do that ??
I didn’t see any example for creating custom ferryway on OSM and load into Graphhopper

Hi Patrick,

This OSM Wiki should help you better


I have tried and follow to add ferry ways, which need ferry terminal to connect ferry route.

But why GH can’t drive me into road (yellow highlight), and can’t pass the ferry way (red highlight). Can you give any suggestion of my condition ?
Thankyou so much before

First place the ferry route does not contain a motor_vehicle=yes tag,and second place is that you need to wait for graphopper to import the new OSM data.

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Thankyou so much @ratrun, now my car can cross the river using OSRM

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