Car profile is allowing to go through a track with motor_vehicle= no tag

Hello, I have an example where graphhopper using the car profile is calculating a route that goes through a track which has the motor_vehicle tag set to no.
From : 50.2008, 19.0250
To : 50.1997, 19.0397
the track :

My expectation would be that the track should be avoided like this:

but the calculated route for the car profile is going through the track:

Could it be that something is missing in the car profile access to prevent going through this track?

This tag was added only three days, it might take a few more days until GraphHopper picks it up. Way History: 160034775 | OpenStreetMap

Ok I am the one who added this tag and I thought GraphHopper was already using it.
Thx for the quick answer, I’ll check again in a few days and close the topic if everything is fine.

The calculated route is now the expected one, so it was only a matter of having the last OSM data available for GraphHopper.

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