Car profile and `motor-vehicle=agricultural;forestry` on graphhopper maps

There is a discussion ongoing on the German OSM community forum about car routing and access motor_vehicle=agricultural;forestry.

The discussed example is this route:

I’m asking myself why the online instance of graphhopper is still using highways which are tagged as vehicle=agricultural;forestry. I prepared a PR some times ago, which was accepted. I have again tested this expample with my actual local master branch and get this result where these ways are excluded as expected:

It seems that the changes from the PR were merged into master, but not into the version which is used by the online instance. Any other idea?

This looks like a bug to be honest.

Can confirm this is a bug.

( Unfortunately there is still a gap between our internal used version. We are trying hard to remove the differences :slight_smile: )

Update: Fixed it but it will take 2-4 days until this is deployed.

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