Cant route over ferry bicycle/foot=designated


I think I found a problem with the routing, but I would like to verify this :slight_smile:

When you routeover this by bike or foot it wont route over the ferry, the ferry tags look fine to me. When I look in the graphhopper code for foot/bicycle-flagencoder , the flagencoder will check the bicycle tag if its โ€œyesโ€, but in this case the bicycle tag is designated which looks like a valid value in the osm wiki.

So it looks like the BikeFlagEncoder should also check if the value is โ€œdesignatedโ€ (or even better; intendedValues). The same for the FootFlagEncoder.

If this is correct I would like to create a pullrequest to fix this problem.

Thanks for reading.

Regards, Steven

Thanks! This is highly likely a bug - please create an issue and link this discussion :slight_smile:

created issue:

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