Can't route across footbridge

We’re having a quite a few problems with walking routes over river crossings. See this example, which should go over Parish Crag Bridge but instead takes a long route around:

This is the bridge in question:

Is there anything we can do to overcome this?



We currently do not allow access on ways with just highway=bridleway as this is not always allowed for all countries. A current workaround would be to add tags like foot=yes or bicycle=yes.

A better fix would be if we would implement this in our country specific spatial rules that can apply different defaults.

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Surely the default should be for all bridleways to be routable on foot - there can’t be many bridleways shown on the map where access is not permitted. This is quite a significant issue in the UK and it’s not really practical to ask our users to update the source maps every time they come across it.

The spatial rules sound like they might offer a solution, but I can’t find anything in the Directions API documentation about this. We make calls to the API via HTTP requests - how can spatial rules be applied?


Regarding the spatial rules: we have to implement this behind the scenes to make it working.

And regarding UK: yes, this is true. (But in Germany this is forbidden)

Can I make a request for this to be implemented for the UK please?

As our underlying routing engine is open source we also have a ticket system that is open so this is a bit too long open but as you can see there are many things on the table.

Thanks, I see this issue was raised two and half years ago! If there is any way that you can give it a higher priority that would be appreciated, as it will make a big difference to our users.