Cant load graph

i use cruiser latest version 1.4.29 to create graph and it creates graph file of version 5 nodes. when run the application “an error happend while creating graph: version of nodes unsupported 5 it expected version is 4”. how to handle these error?

Cruiser follows GraphHopper latest snapshot development.

If have an application using a GraphHopper older release, then need to create the graph with that version instead.

i.e. clone GraphHopper e.g. 0.10 release and follow instructions here.

Cruiser forum can be found here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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when use ‘com.graphhopper:graphhopper-android:0.10.alpha3’ there is aditional error
"Program type already present: com.vividsolutions.jts.JTSVersion" .

i use ‘com.graphhopper:graphhopper-android:0.6.0’ in gradle. how to create the graph with these version with crusier desktop or using comands ?
Any idea? or different way to load and create graphr??

GraphHopper Android module is a sample app, not a library to use in projects.
You can study its code and borrow parts of it.

Proper integration of the libraries for 0.10 is demonstrated in its build.gradle.

How to create graphs for specific GraphHopper releases was already mentioned above.

thanks for your answer.
osm file and map file is downloaded but i’m confused to Execute ./ -a import -i ?
is there aditional software to excute these command?

If you use Windows can see some extra help in documentation here.

thanks for avoiding my confusion. i will try to create the graph using cygwin .

I have aditional question of How do I enable downloading of just one .ghz file?
the graphhopper android sample app downloads only specific maps, but i want to download amap of the country is not available
fileListURL = “” + Constants.getMajorVersion()+"/ ";

GraphHopper sample provides map+graph for some areas, simply for demonstration purposes.

Can download Mapsforge maps in several locations (see VTM documentation).
Regarding the graphs, those are needed to be built for each region.