Cannot travel to destination when turn_costs = false

We are using the Route Optimization API and found a place that it wasn’t able to navigate to. I tried it on GraphHopper Maps and surprisingly it worked. However I noticed that quite confusingly it only works when turn_costs = true.

Turn costs off:

Turn costs on:

I’m not sure if this is a bug or I’m missing something with regards to turn_costs.

Thanks for finding this - something strange is happening here and we will investigate.

The reason does not seem to be a turn restriction but this cattle grid node

It is a bug introduced recently. You can see the progress of the fix here:

We will also roll back to the old version for production in the next minutes. update: done

Thanks for looking into it, and rolling back

We already found and fixed the problem - thanks again for reporting! (We will now roll out the new version in the next days as usual.)

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