Cannot make the Public transport example working

I’m following the example exactly as stated here.

It failed when running with flag_encoders=pt. I tried flag_encoders=car which failed complaining about missing “foot”. So I changed into flag_encoders=foot. This time the server started up but the web page at
localhost:8989 has no map and no form to insert start, end positions as I would expect. Screenshot attached.

What am I doing wrong?Screenshot_2019-12-23_15-37-51

One more question. Is this page ( an example of Public transport? (unfortunately, the page doesn’t show anything)

I’ve had the same problem. You have to download web interface assets from and unpack it to “web/src/main/resources/”.

@karolg Unfortunately, this is not fixing the problem.

Is it possible to prove graphhopper is working with Public transport data?

I cannot make the standard published example working. I tried few supposedly stable branches. Even the website published as working is not working.

Oh, and just to be clear. I don’t expect to have a working website. It is sufficient to have a working unit test.