Cannot find point only using custom model

Hello guys,

I’ve been facing an issue, where the request below, returns cannot find point error, but only when I’m using custom model atribute. When I remove ch.disable and custom_model atributes, the route solves with success.

Request returning error:

    "points": [
    "details": [
    "locale": "pt_BR",
    "points_encoded": true,
    "instructions": true,
    "calc_points": true,
    "elevation": false,
    "optimize": "false",
    "custom_model": {
        "distance_influence": 15.0,
        "heading_penalty": 300.0,
        "internal": false,
        "areas": {},
        "priority": [],
        "speed": []
    "ch.disable": true,
    "vehicle": "truck"

Response of request above:

    "message": "Cannot find point 1: -18.456199646,-44.673500061",
    "hints": [
            "message": "Cannot find point 1: -18.456199646,-44.673500061",
            "details": "com.graphhopper.util.exceptions.PointNotFoundException",
            "point_index": 1

Can anyone help me, please? Thanks before hand.

Internally the cluster that is reached when you send a custom model is a different one with a different OSM update date that is causing the difference here. In a few days the difference should disappear.

Hello @karussell ,

I just tested the route again, and the problem is gone.

Thank you very much.

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