Cannot find point 1

I have the same problem with graphs generated from osm data, in this website seems there is the same problem, for example

what is the best way to insure that we can have at least one possible route?is it even possible?

If there is no road network near the location that you requested (like it is the case for the destination, see via zooming in) we cannot do much about it.

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Is not there any way to find the nearest point to the distanation? using some kind of functions as st_distance which we can find nearest point to our distanation point and calculate route using the new point?

Ah, sure. You can increase the maximum allowed snapping distance. Try increasing index.max_region_search to e.g. 8

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Thanks very much, but is this option available for the mobile version?


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excuse me,where is index.max_region_search?I cannot find it.