Cannot find new inserted roads on GraphHopper

I have an issue when inserting new roads to GraphHopper

I wanted to insert several new roads to GraphHopper => I inserted them to OSM via osmapi osmapi.OsmApi API documentation (tags: access=yes)=> Then exported data to a pbf file and re-built GraphHopper => However, I can’t find my new roads after building.

I found that if I add new roads via edit function on OSM website => exported to a pbf file => re-built, my new roads will be inserted successfully.

Can anyone give me the reasons and solutions for my issue ?

Thanks a lot.

Did the roads you added to OSM via osmapi appear on Or did you only add them locally to a pbf file? If you added them to a pbf file maybe you should check which IDs were assigned to the new ways, maybe they were negative?

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Yeah, i added my new roads to a local pbf file and re-build GH with this file.
All new roads inserted via API had normal IDs like those inserted from local OSM web. However, only the laters could be found on GH.
In addition, when I built Nominatim from that pbf file, I found my new roads on the placex table, but they were still not routable on GH.

So you made sure you deleted the GH folder such that a new graph was actually built?
What tags did you use for the new ways? GraphHopper only considers certain kinds of ways (mainly those with a highway tag).