Can you build a graph cache for the same area using 3 different profiles at once (car,pt,foot)?

I am trying out vesion 0.13. I realized that I either use graph.flag_encoders as car alone or as pt alone, but cannot mix them in the same graph cache build.

If I add pt in config.yml but do not add any GTFS file in the build, it tells me “entry in encoder list not supported pt”

If I add a GTFS file to the build (by adding flag ) then the engine discards, on the curl request, the parameter ‘vehicle’ and assumes always pt. Additionally it asks for a mandatory pt.earliest_departure_time parameter too.

Is it so that you can only run the engine to return request by car or by pt but it is not flexible enough to handle both types of requests in the same engine instance?

Could anyone help out please?

Thanks in advance!

This should be possible now. See