Can time be passed in the map matching API?

My GPX file looks like this:

> <gpx>
> <trk>
> <trkseg>
> <trkpt lon="118.212905" lat="33.221025" time="2022/6/7 9:31"></trkpt>
> <trkpt lon="118.205415" lat="33.23683" time="2022/6/7 9:33"></trkpt>
> <trkpt lon="118.200821" lat="33.253685" time="2022/6/7 9:34"></trkpt>
> <trkpt lon="118.19413" lat="33.269623" time="2022/6/7 9:36"></trkpt>
> </trkseg>
> </trk>
> </gpx>

However, such a GPX file will return: JSON cannot be parsed.
I would like to ask if the time corresponding to latitude and longitude can be passed in the API? I hope the returned results can also be kept for the corresponding time.

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