Can’t route via railway crossing using graphhopper and pbf file

I’m using graphhopper directions with osm.pbf taken from geofabrik. Trying to peridocally grab a new file and build and run the server using Java.

When compared the result with result I can’t seem to route via that railway crossing l, using newest wielkopolska-latest.osm.pbf file.

Could anyone please let me if the data that I’m using is new or is graphhopper data older and therefore allows routing via that railways crossing?

Below is the response that allows the passage.ęczewo%2C%20Poland&point=Dworcowa%2C%2062-001%2C%20Golęczewo%2C%20Poland&locale=pl-PL&elevation=true&profile=car&use_miles=false&selected_detail=max_weight&layer=Omniscale

Wojciech Kulesza

Do you mean this railway crossing? Node: ‪354 013 916‬ (‪4186699455‬) | OpenStreetMap

It looks like it has not been edited for some time, so the data should be the same. The data on should never be older than a few days.

@easbar yes, i mean this crossing.
Frederik from geofabrik told me that either this railway crossing with that barrier=liftgate - Node: 2718683452 | OpenStreetMap is missing a tag car=yes or it is incorrectly tagged and should be railway=crossing together with crossing:barrier=yes.

But still, most routers allow to cross barier=lift_gate.

Stranely, allows to cross it
Driving Directions - GraphHopper Maps

and my implementation of graphhopper doesnt:

All other routing engines using osm allow to route through that sort of railway crossing.
I could potentially add a tag car=yes to that barrier node, but it’s easier to drop that limitation all toghether ?

My gps trace for a vehicle shows that it passed that crossing, so it’s accessible:

Ok i helped myself by using graphhopper-web-4.0.jar that treats the barrier differently - noticed this info in anothe me Thread.
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