Breaks most of the time not assigned


are there more conditions for breaks getting unassigned as in the documentation explained? Cause in most of our test cases (~ 5 of 7) breaks are getting completly ignored. Also they dont appear in the unassigned breaks list.

Is this known? Or are we doing something wrong?

If you need some Requests and Results just let me know, i will send you them in private.

Thanks, we’ll look into it! Would you mind to send me an example JSON for the request via private message?

@SndChance It would be great you send us a few of your test cases so that we can reproduce the error. Just send them to Otherwise, it is hard for us to fix this.

Ok. We have detected the bug and could reproduce the issue without your test cases. You are correct. This should not be. We will fix this asap and give a note then.

Unassigned breaks should now appear in unassigned break list again like this

"unassigned" : {
      "services" : [ ],
      "shipments" : [ ],
      "breaks" : [ "vehicle2_break" ]

The other issue that you end up with unassigned breaks even it should be feasible to assign them does occur if there are many jobs that cannot be assigned also or if you have a list of jobs that can just be assigned. Thus, currently, the algorithm favours assigning jobs over breaks. We will reverse the importance, i.e. once the driver is on the road the algorithm should favour breaks over assigning an additional job and omitting the break.

Now the algorithm should favour breaks over assigning an additional job and omitting the break. Thus, your issue should be fixed entirely now. Thanks again for detecting this issue.

I am facing the same issue with 1.7 release.

If you write about 1.7 release, I assume you write about the jsprit library rather than our Directions API. Correct?

Correct I was using jsprit library @stefan

Ok. If you have questions with regards to jsprit, please use this:

@stefan one can change the category (I’ve done this) … no need to re-ask

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the problem reoccured in the current DirectionsAPI.

Breaks are now in the unassigned list with the reason “no reason found”

Do you have any suggestions? If you need an example request let me know and i will pm you.

Can you provide us with an example, please? Thanks.