Breaker Detection using graphhopper

Hello Guys , i am working on a application which alerts the user when a breaker is about to come.

Breakers are a serious problem in India.

My sol. was, Based on the location changes of the user determine the road (osm_id) on which user is moving.

Then breakers are also mapped on the road. Then i query breakers which are 300 m range from my current location on the road and alert the user.

For this i need to get the good road (osm_id) , i started using map_matching for this, map_matching able to provide good road mapping but i am unable to get the osm_id from this.

Any way to either get the osm_id or map the breaker data onto graphhopper and get it from there only.


with breaker you mean a “speed bump”?

AFAIK it’s currently not possible to get the osm id from the hosted API, but you could try to modify a local version for this, by also looking at this repo.

Hope this helps.


Yes i am taking about “speed bump”.

I tried that code i think in latest repo, but didn’t work. Will check on 0.8.2 repo also.

Can you help me on any other project which can help me get the best osm_node id or any other approach to tell that “speed bump” is coming?

I would suggest storing the speed bump on the corresponding edge (or as a node via splitting edges like we do for barriers) and then implement a custom path detail for it:

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