Block_area isn't working


I’m using the graphhopper-js-api-client for a university project and tried to define areas which should be avoided. I did this with the parameter “block_area”, but graphhopper doesn’t avoid the defined areas. My code looks like this:

const ghRouting = new GraphHopperRouting(
vehicle: ‘bike’,
elevation: false,
ch: {disabled: true},
block_area: ‘52.517064, 13.390688, 300’

locations.forEach((location) => {
ghRouting.addPoint(new GHInput(location));

I tried this with plenty of areas, so I think it hasn’t to do with this issue: How to make sure block_area is always respected?
I hope you can help and I wish you happy holidays :slight_smile:


Maybe some client issue. When you query this on GH Maps it works:,13.390688,300

thanks for the quick response. I will check this out

For anyone who wants to know if I found a solution…I did :slight_smile:
Instead of using the graphhopper-js-api-client I used axios and now its working!
Thanks for your help @karussell :slight_smile: