Bike routing avoiding particular segment with cycle lanes


I’ve encountered a strange bug while planning a bicycle route, but I cannot tell if it is a problem with the routing engine or with the map data.

I’ve identified a particular OpenStreetMaps segment ( which the engine refuses to take by bicycle from west to east, even though the segment is not one way and even has cycle lanes declared on both sides of the road.


West to east -> huge detour
East to west -> works fine

Interestingly enough, the next segment (west to east) of the same road ( does not show this behavior, even though they are both tagged exactly the same.

Full disclosure: I did update the tags on the segment only yesterday, since they were unnecessarily different before. But I haven’t found any information on the freshness of the data that is being used to compute the itineraries on the above links.

Does anyone have any insights on this?



PS. Sorry about the segment links, but as a new user apparently I cannot create more than two proper ones.

For anyone who would stumble upon this post with a similar question: it was all a matter of time. It apparently takes several days/weeks for the different apps to update the data from OpenStreetMaps, but one the data was updated, the changes worked fine.