Bike Profil - highway=pathPath and bicycle=yes should not get speed for pushing section

in BikeCommonFlagEncode.getSpeed() check for condition where to increase the speed of pushing sections.
The check should include bicycle=yes



Do you have a unit test to reproduce this issue and even better a fix :slight_smile: ?

I’ll try to find out why this looks like this (should not go to the beach)


It’s seems not only be a Problem with BikeCommonFlagEncode.getSpeed().

If I know what’s really happens I let you know and provide a fix, if I can.


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I made a pull request:


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The unit tests Bike2WeightFlagEncoderTest and BikeFlagEncoderTest have to be adjusted. I’am not sure this is desired.

The tests fail if: highway=footpath and highway = path if bicycle=yes is set.

Currently, highway = footpath | path and bicycle = designated | official use the speed on bike paths.
IHMO this can be done by bicycle=yes as well.

When looking through the method, I also noticed that under certain circumstances the speed resulting from the surface is overwritten by the speed on bike paths.

Unfortunately at the moment I have not the time to go deeper in this

I would include in unit tests the case
highway = footpath | path
bicycle = designated yes |
surface = *

I am also considering smoothness. It would be nice if the visibility of getSpeed​​() were protected.

Thank you very much.

@karussell @ratrun
In the Unit-Tests Bike2WeightFlagEncoderTest and BikeFlagEncoderTest are checking the results of the method getSpeed() depending on the tags.

Someone has to decide which speed should be choosen for highway=footpath and bicycle=yes.
Then the test can be extended and the Method getSpeed() adjusted.
Any opinions to that?

Moreover it should be checked if there are tag combinations missing in the tests.

I had also the idea to inspect the osm data for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and collect all used tag combinations in (relation to bikes). I have no idea how many this might be.

I believe that the speed should return the speed of the surface in case of segregated=yes in this case, otherwise something a litte bit below the cycleway speed. I’m going to have a look on it and prepare a pull request.

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