Bicycle turn left issues

In bicycle mode, Graphhopper sometimes suggests turning left outside of a X-crossing, through a street/road, in spots without a traffic light.

For instance (going West to East):

Here in blue, I have to wait and cross the traffic on Østrigsgade to be able to enter Weimargade, which can take a while and can be dangerous.

Instead, the example in red is safer and possibly quicker.

The rule could be something like: on bicycle, avoid crossing a street leftwards (for drive on the right countries) if there’s no traffic light.

Note that OSRM and Valhalla do the same, and I’m opening tickets there as well.

Yes, this is an ugly limitation of the core engine.

There are basically two issues why we currently cannot implement this:

  1. we don’t know the cost of each turn, there is a prototype for this here.
  2. we don’t know that there are traffic lights, this will be enabled through this PR.

Thanks for your answer! In understand. But good to know that there’s some stuff in the works that might eventually enable to improve this :slight_smile: Looking forward to see how this evolves in the future.

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