Berlin GTFS has errors

I’ve taken brandenburg-latest.osm.pbf and downloaded the latest GTFS zip archive, put them in the container, and ran graph builder. Here’s what I see (lots of lines like this)

 GTFSError: routes line 911: Number 700.0 outside of acceptable range [0.0,7.0].

What’s wrong? Is this a problem, or should I ignore it and leave it alone?

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GraphHopper uses gtfs-lib, which seems to expect classic GTFS route_types.
The Berlin GTFS seems to use Google’s extended route types.
I think, gtfs-lib should be updated to support route_types in range from 0…1799.

On the other hand, I’m not sure, if this validation error causes any harm or is more kind of a warning.


Thanks. Do you know if the latest version of gtfs-lib already has this or would you mind to create an issue there?

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