Barrier=lift_gate is blocking bike

Hey there,

I’m just starting my adventure with routing and Graphhopper.

In the below example, I’ve added two points on the EuroVelo bike network route. But because of the barrier=lift_gate it won’t show a straight path between points. Is it expected? Is there a way to use a custom profile to change this behavior?

I’ve just updated that barrier node in OSM and added bicycle=yes which I hope will help but it looks like other routing engines don’t need it and ignore that barrier=lift_gate.

We are considering this barrier as blocking because of the tag locked=yes. Adding of bicycle=yes will not unblock it.

Hmm, so what could I do? That lift gate is locked but it is supposed to stop car traffic. Bikes can go around it. There is an official national bike route which is passing that gate.

If there is a path with access bicycle=yes around it you could map that.

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