Avoiding duplicate routes


Wondering if there’s a good way to avoid route duplication for multiple drivers?
When we have 3 drivers, the drivers are crossing paths and delivering to areas right next to each other, which is inefficient.

Understand the algorithms are based purely on maths and not intuition but curious if we can force some intuition somehow?

I’m using objectives:
“type”: “min”,
“value”: “vehicles”
“type”: “min-max”,
“value”: “completion_time”

Thanks guys.

If you remove the second objective, you should be provided with “better” routes according to your intuition since min-max tends to generate routes with equal length (at the cost of higher overall transportation costs, e.g. higher distances and transport times). Does this work? If not, would you mind to send us an example?

Hey Stefan, yes that seemed to work… will keep you posted, doing rigorous testing over next couple weeks.
As a side note, when sending job examples to you, is it best to send the json or is there a better way?

If not using min-max for completion time, the routes are less balanced which is OK, but wondering if the algorithm allocates the max run time to first vehicle, then fills the 2nd then the 3rd etc. This is important as it allows us to give the fullest routes to our best drivers and the remaining “overflow” route to our spare driver…


You can send your json via email, but you can also just send a job_id and we can fetch your json for our own.

Where do we locate the job id?