Architecture of jsprit

I am new jsprit. Sorry if my question is stupid.
I want to use jsp. But the coordinates of the point are like pseudocode image.
And I don’t know where did jsprit get data map to process. Is jsprit connected to any server?
Can anyone provide me the architecture of jsprit?

Can anybody help me ??? Please. I am doing graduation thesis.

I think they calculate a straight line between the points.

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Maybe, because i coudn’t find data of project. If so, i am very disappointed about it. But it is maintained by GraphHopper, i expected more than that.

When i click to link “Optimization Engine jsprit”, it redirect to “GraphHopper Routing Oprimized API”. Let’s see, this api don’t calculate a straight line between points

Not sure about drawing the maps, but to compute actual distances, I use a GraphHopper (the product) instance as a Java library to compute the distances between points. Basically, I compute the distances between points using that, and feed those distances to Jsprit as a cost matrix.
See here

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