Alternative communication for long running Requests

we have an idea for an improvement of the route optimization api, at the moment its only possible to batch if the request is long running. Maybe its not in the docs at the moment, but is it possible to put a webhook or use a websocket or grpc?

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No, this is not possible and also not planned. What would be the advantage over the current procedure?

at the moment its only possible to batch if the request is long running

You can use the asynchronous also for short requests, but this is not recommended.

Webhooks are just a better fit for this problem and would reduce the traffic.
Its recommended to use them, when the client does not know, if the data is already available.
And it would be slightly faster (500ms are a lot these days), improve the event driven programming of your customers and clean up their code. At all, we would really love to use this feature :slight_smile:

This is the reason we introduced synchronous POST requests. If you have longer running problems like dozens of seconds and you use the async POST then (max) 0.5 seconds do not matter much.


Ah, this is not really a standard but you provide some URL in the request to which the response is posted? Yes, something like this could happen in the long term, but it won’t happen this year.