Aerial Imagery

I am a newbie to graphhopper and gis in general.

I am building a project for routing multiple delivery vehicles in java. I am required to take specific “ways” only which will be given by the user and i want to display the movement of the vehicles on the map. It is also necessary for the map displayed to be a satellite image. The project is in being developed in netbeans and is to be a standalone application.

Does graphhopper have the functionality for all of this? and can someone please suggest how to display vehicles in the map, and overlay aerial images over the osm map displayed?

Thanks in advance


Does graphhopper have the functionality for all of this?

You should be able to get all the routing specific functions done with GraphHopper. Not sure what you mean with specific ways, but there is a lot to customize.

Displaying the location of a vehicle has nothing to do with GraphHopper, you just need a Server/DB. The vehicle sends the location to the server. You frontend gets the location from the server.

Aerial tiles are available from different providers. You should be able to find different providers. Integrating them into your frontend is very easy and can be done in a couple of minutes (at least for the GraphHopper demo frontend).


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From the description it doesn’t appear to be a mobile application.

Is it a desktop application or something with web front-end, to choose appropriately the map engine?

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