Adjust error in Graphhopper navigation

I have corrected Open Street Map with the right tracks/paths some days ago.
BUT, Graphhopper doesn’t adjust the routing routines in that junction. Is there somewhere I can do this myself or report it?

Or how many days does it take for Graphhopper to make corrections made in OSM?

Thanks for reporting this, it is our fault! We are working on it to bring back our import procedure - will let you know when this happens.

Update: something was wrong with the planet osm file. It seems to be fixed now, we’ll have updated graph in roughly 12h for motorvehicles, and further 24h later for the rest.

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Thanks for super fast answer! Impressive!
How often do you update the service from OSM?

By the way, many thanks for this service that brings so much useful tools for us!

Thanks for the kind words.

We currently process the OSM within 36h so if you change something it takes (maximum) 72h to be considered from the routing. The default geocoding is updated every ~5 weeks only (the current external providers update every day). We know this not that fast and could improve this with a bit more hardware, but the priority wasn’t given yet.

Should be updated now

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And indeed it is! I tried to navigate where I knew there were an error and it works just fine!

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