Add support for complex turn restrictions

In OSM complex turn restrictions using ‘from-via-to’ syntax can be modeled.

Graphhopper routing doesn’t consider such constructs.

We use Graphhopper for our GIS sollution. The pressure to deal correctly with the complex turn restrictions is increasing so I would like to discuss two points:

  • Is currently worked on this? There is an open issue (#446) but I cannot figure out if this is on the roadmap.

  • We probably need to decide if we put ressources in switching to OSRM or improving Graphhopper (the solution we would prefer) if this feature is not on your roadmap. Would you be interested in us (java developers) working on this feature? Would you be willing to accompany the development and support it with your know-how?

We would love to hear from you!

OSRM routing considers this in the routing.

It was implemented in OSRM in this pull request.

Sure. Feel free to create a pull request. Also please see the issue as it might be that someone outside of the core team has implemented it already, but no pull request was created so far.

Yes, this is something we like to fix and I can also help/assist if you decide to work on this.


I am asking myself why turn restrictions like these Relation: 11234410 | OpenStreetMap seem to work for cars but not for bikes.

Check OpenStreetMap vs.

This is a different discussion as bike has currently no turn restrictions enabled.

Not by default, but of course you can enable turn costs also for bikes. You have to make sure that the turn relation parser accepts bike turn restrictions though.

Thanks, sorry.

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