Add shapefiles to my map

Hello I am new here and have a problem.

i want to read und add shapefiles from my city to my map. i use the Android demo version from Graphhopper.
i load my map on android but i have no idea how i add or load shapefiles.
the shapefile folder have many files like .shp .dbf .shx and more.
Please can you help me !!!

With Best Regards m.homeboy

Do you mean use the shp files to create a GraphHopper graph to perform routing with them?
Would need the reader-shp for that.

Or to create an offline vector map from the shp files?
The sample uses Mapsforge maps, for map related issues better ask in their forum.

i create the map from my city with Mapsforge and now i want to read shapefiles from my city to have information about die building,streets and more .
i think i must create an offline vector map from the shp files.
but how can i do this ???
can i use the reader-shp folder for that.

or maybe create a GraphHopper graph i don’t now

can you tell me how can i use the shapefile reader in Android Studio or how can i test the unit test ???