Access on private roads

Are there any plans to bring access to private roads to the route optimization API?

I can see there was some progress here recently with

The reason I ask is because we often see some very strange routes come out of it such as this:

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Private roads were always possible for a dedicated setup of the Route Optimization API. Still they are currently not possible for our shared API (the setup that most of our customers use).

We will likely open up private roads for the shared API too, but roads that are explicitly blocked by barriers with private access will remain inaccessible. I.e. in these cases a dedicated setup is the only possibility to customize this (as well as many other things).

I was wondering if there has been any update on this? I would settle for even an option to allow private routes for routing, even if there was a roadblock. We have lots of private roads around here, according to OSM, but they are the only way in/out of a subdivision.

The situation is still the same and the only solution would be via a dedicated setup. Still we are working on a solution (will take some more months :slight_smile: ).

We will likely open up private roads for the shared API too

For now we decided against this (at least for car) as there are several use cases where this would reduce the quality.